BendPak Quick Jack, anybody got this?


I saw this the other day and e-mailed them about the 3500# weight limit, but I'm guessing they won't get back to me for legal reasons. I told them both my drivers are 3750# and would this safely work? Looking to see if anyone has this setup and if it'll lift my weights. I know there's some "fat" built in to the numbers, but how much...


Don't do it Russ. While it may lift you if something happens it's on your head, not the companies.;)

Kinda why I'm waiting on someone else's experience first. It does have a lock bar that automatically comes into play near max lift, but my concern is whether it will actually lift that weight and not stall out...


You've gotta try this!
Don't like where that would come in contact with the frame to lift. Just eyeballing it, it looks like it wouldn't be at the 'proper' jack points for our cars.


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I have one. Worked fine for a year, then the solenoid developed internal rust and the jack wouldn't go down. Kept tripping the circuit breaker. They sent me a new solenoid. Just haven't wired it in yet. One thing I found out is that if you have an issue, like I did, Bendpac will not come out and fix it, even under warranty.


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It’s a good option for low overhead


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