Been awhile!


Short Guy
I've been having a hell of a time fighting electrical gremlins. The OE wiring harness is starting to fail me, I think.

But, I did have a good weekend at the SCCA CAM Challenge in Peru, Indiana. The car worked better than it ever has.

So, here's the best run from this weekend, in glorious 4K and with perfectly synced telemetry! (Literally everything worked, I'm still pinching myself)

It wasn't without incident, though. I burst a power steering flexible line. I was able to patch it with tape and paper towels well enough to get through a session without spilling fluid on the course, so I kept flogging it.


Short Guy
Friggin' NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a funny story:

The GM Factory team was at the event running a gaggle of Camaros and C8 Corvettes, and their manager was working the same corner as me.

I got to let him know how "disappointed" I was that power steering hose only lasted 35 years.