Autocross in Louisville, KY, on October 21!


Short Guy
Information page:

I just noticed the Nats are ending on October 20th, and my local SCCA region is running an event the next day, so if you're going to be heading north from Bowling Green up 65 and want to try your hand at dodging cones, we have an event right on your way home!

The best part is we have a local class called STO (Street Tire Open). Its run-what-you-brung as long as you're on DOT tires with a treadwear rating above 140. Past that, there are no more rules (except the car has to be safe, duh). One of the biggest problems with SCCA has always been trying decipher the rulebook to properly class your car, so we took the work out!

SCCA requires a Snell MA or SA 2000 or later helmet. We have loaners available if you don't have a brain bucket or yours isn't the right certification (DOT helmets aren't allowed).

I hope to see some people there!