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Sniff sniff. Mom, seedling hurt my feelings. Lol
I so sorry I hurt you Wittle feewings!! > My teenage daughters aren’t as sensitive as what are supposed to be grown ass men around here. And not only is this baby pacifier behavior tolerated, it’s actually rewarded! What the heck?? Grow pair (or at least act like you’ve got some)!

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Any time for pronto to throw his hurt feelers in........3,2,1!
Censorship is one of the greatest offenses of our life time and it’s happening everywhere across the internet. If it continues to happen here, then a stand must be made. And I can articulate that message with no problem whatsoever.

And while, I would seriously doubt that they would want to be caught censoring a message (over something that silly), thereby violating our freedom of speech? However, if that is the game that is being played, then so be it. What’s the old saying, those who live in glass houses should not throw rocks?

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