Austin, TX Buick GN Mechanics - Recommendations?


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Hello all.
I have been dreaming of a GN since that famous C&D article in 1986. Loved the black out squared look and the acceleration times.

There is a local GN for sale, less than 20k miles (proven), in excellent shape and looks really clean underneath.
I don't think it was ever driven in rain.
The good, it is a non T-roof car and has an optional electronic climate control.
The so so... it is a 1986 model
The not so good, has sagging headliner, rear bumper filler has faded and power seat joystick is broken.
Clearly I don't want to overpay, but also don't want it to get away.
What would be a fair price to pay for this gem?
Are '86 a LOT less desirable?
Is sagging headliner something common to these cars?


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1986 Buick GX1

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That looks like a very nice GN.

I can’t say about price. I haven’t followed that much.

The ‘86’s had different springs and sat about an inch lower, came with aluminum bumper supports, have chrome in the grille and have different colored door pull straps.

The ‘86’s were rated at 235 HP/ 335 Ft/Lbs torque whereas the ‘87’s were rated at 245 HP/ 345 Ft/ Lbs, however the baseline testing done by Kenne-Bell Performance and ATR (Applied Technologies and Research) performance put the numbers for both the ‘86’s and ‘87’s around the 265 HP mark.

5,512 GN’s were produced in ‘86 while ‘87 production was nearly 21,000.

I think it boils down to what you think is important.

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price is relative on classic cars ...many factors to consider ...if I was looking ...that car is pretty nice will need to go through many more things than just getting the cosmetics right which is not that big of a deal ..and you gotta put some blood sweat and tears into your love .... here is what the banks and insurance companies ...think use that in your decision ....I would start at 20 k and see how it goes ...driving and seeing car in person is a great thing ...but it also depends on what the guy is asking ...dont want to insult him with an extremely low offer on a nice car ...



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OMG, what a rare gem. GLWS. If you like the 87 look, that is an easy fix. All the bad you mentioned other than being a 86 just proved the car to being original!!!!


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Theres a rusty piece of crap non gn with 200k miles on hemmings for $16k+ firm.. 20k would be a steal for yours


I also wouldn't let those cosmetic things stop you from buying it and if I were in the market for a GN I would prefer a factory intercooled 86 or an 87 since I intend on keeping my car pretty close to stock. If you can afford the car and the seller is not asking for more money than it is worth I would consider buying it especially if it is in good shape, hasn't been wrecked or neglected. GN's in good condition are getting harder and harder to find.