Attn: HRpartsNstuff customers... Need nice pictures!

I am working on a NEW presentation slideshow that we will use at events & on our new website. I am looking for high quality pictures of our customers that are using our HRpartsNstuff Swaybar/Anti-Roll setup. Might get displayed on anything from our catalog, our website, to a full size movie screen! While everyone prefers the nice wheelie pictures, anything is welcome.

What I would REALLY like to see is someone going thru a corner. Doesn't have to be fast or g-forces, just a nice pic that shows it being daily driven & show some handling. I'm interested in what someone can come up with there, even if it's "staged" action. Picture quality & focus is most important. Please do NOT do anything dangerous etc, definitely NOT worth it.

PLEASE send pics (bigger file = better) to:
Please include any info you want to share about you and/or your car.
Performance info is always helpful too (1/4 mile E.T & MPH & 60ft), and class winners/RU for what years, etc... Some like to brag, some like to keep it a secret. It's all goooood!

Also, please mention that it's OK for me to use the pictures you send.
Hoping to build something everyone will be proud of & have LOTS of BUICKS in it!
Let your friends know too, and try to keep this up towards the top if possible. I will update it when I can & get new pics.


Mr. Dull