ATR Stage 2 Headers modified for T6 turbo


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ATR Stage 2 Headers for sale. Modified for T6 flange, Turbonetics New Gen HP gate. Headers have EGT bungs for 1/8 thermocouples and pressure tap near the T6 Flange. The Passenger side header has an RJC 1/2 thk flange. Crossover pipe is also included.
This also includes the 5" downpipe.
The passenger side header will need work. There is a crack in the cylinder 2 tube due to coming down to hard from a wheelie.
For the interested buyer, the floor may need to clearance to fit the 5" downpipe. This is not just a bolt in deal.

$1000 firm for everything + shipping.
Pictures below, Note Drivers header is included but not in the picture. Still mounted to the engine as of now.
019 (10).JPG
020 (11).JPG