Ashtray switch panels


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Have 3 with switches and 6 without. Will ship usps flat rate small box for $7.20 in continental US so $20 with out or $23 with switches.

Sticker is starting the switch ratings, ones without the switches had the sticker removed

I'm not on here much but will check back at least once a day will it's an active post. PayPal only.

I'm not a vendor of any sorts and once they are gone they are gone.


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Did you make these? I only ask because they look familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on where I've seen them before..

Either way, I'll take one of them with switches.

Please PM me the total cost and your paypal address.

Thank you,


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Thanks guys I'll try my hardest to get to the post office before they close today. If not Monday for sure.


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Shawn All switch panels are spoken for.

Pm if interested in non switch style
Ill try to see if i can get more switches but no guarantees


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I got more switches to complete the sets so all of them now will have switches and wont offer the non-switch version.

7 left = $23 shipped.