ARP BOLTS for champion intake help??

Would anyone happen to have the part # for arp bolts for a champion racing intake? Also would like arp bolts for the plenum? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Reggie West

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TurboBuick.Com Supporter! has all of them. ARP in black oxide or stainless. You will need to specify if you have the stock plenum or a spacer. It matters.


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The bolts that hold the intake to the head should be just like any other intake. On the plenum bolts I have no idea on the champ intake, all my SS bolt kits are for a stock intake.

Unless you mean a stock intake ported by Champion, then the sized would be the same as normal too.

I seriously doubt ARP would go through the effort to make kits for a IC turbo Regal. I probably only see about 4 or 5 of my complete intake manifold kits per year. (thank god. They're a PIA to assemble with all the different lengths and styles).