Aquafresh toothpaste Green Regal w/Stage II ? Gross! But true!




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Could have been a sharp car. No accounting for taste. Guido in his wife beater is a nice touch.


But....a 60 turbo on a stage II?

Must have instant spool and a tight converter?

I guess could be fun on the street?

NY Twin Turbo

All the good stuff.....Times 2.
Um, This thing is all f*cked up.o_O

Sounds like the owner built it without ever knowing a single person in the Buick world. For 1/5th the money, it may make a good starter platform for a real race car.


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Car is local to me. I know it was built back in the 90s. Looks like they've put new mismatched parts on that big motor. It's been advertised off and on for a couple of years. I think the seller wants mid $30ks. Dreamin.