Anybody running the Hawk 17" GTA wheels? Love your impressions and pic


Dec 27, 2007
I don't like the look of the 18" version, and the 16" GTA just won't quite clear the brakes I'm thinking about. I know the Hawk isn't the right offset but wondered if anybody is running with a spacer. Would love to get your impressions and pictures to see if this might be an option for me. Thanks!

Team Canada

Team Canada
Nov 8, 2010
Im thinking of buying a set and having them modified so no spacers are necessary.....
Was waiting for the exchange rate to help my decision but I don't think that's happening any year soon.....
I find 18" to be too large a wheel for a G body and prefer a bit more sidewall on the tire.
Hoping others may have an opinion or pics of their cars?