Anybody making fiberglass or preferrably carbon fiber doors for our cars thanks in advance


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Grassroots Motorsport magazine used VFN parts on their project S197 Mustang a few years back. They said the parts showed up and fit fine right out of the crate.

But they're not going to be Spoolfool quality gelcoat. You'll have to prep and paint them.

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I'm sorry, I don't have any experience with them. They've been in business since the mid '90's, so they must be doing something right.


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Ultra Carbon may be a future source on the carbon fiber doors. They are making Gbody carbon pieces but they aren't dollar friendly. The best fiberglass doors arent in the immediate plans to make yet per Token Fiberglass.


Thanks for the replies guys trying to lighten car a little bit supposed to be having a 10-5 Street Outlaw show in my area so thinking about bringing out the Buick to represent our bricks


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You can get the metal doors fairly light also. Once you take out the crash bars and do a little Swiss cheese on them. I am sure that you can drop 20+ lbs per door.


Crash bar is 16# per door
yeah I know you can I just don't want to tear up a good set of doors I did the same thing on my 69 Chevelle and it's shaved a lot off but not near as much as fiberglass looking to get my car a lot lighter thanks for the reply


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My search isn’t working, but there is an excellent thread on doors, weight savings.... it is very thorough and precise.

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My glass doors with lexan weigh 24lbs each. Now this is a race car no roll up street car stuff. Bare minimum. No door handles ect
They are vfn and you will have to work them a bunch to make them the way you want them


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Question..... anyone buy new replacement doors and do they have the crash bars in them? Or empty?

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I got really lucky when I found a guy selling a pair of TOKEN Doors in Toronto. I have them on the car. Fiberglass and look like originals and I have the Electric Windows working. I think I paid like $600 for both.
if you can find some, you're set.
I was lucky to find a set of token glass doors that I have been sitting on for about 3 years. I hope to have them on my car next summer


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I did speak to him a few months ago and he told me why he wasn't producing the fiberglass products in the near future. He said that "if" he starts back up he would notify Canadian club members in his area first to spread the word.