Anybody heading to R.C.'s shop anytime soon?


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I have turbo, headers & downpipe, all new parts boxed up I'm trying to get down there while avoiding getting porked by the shipping companys...would of course contribute to your travel costs... Thanks, Dan


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Make it a day trip... It would be worth the tank full of gas. I wish i had the cash to spend on some new stuff we could split the cost in gas...Mike


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I think i paid about thirty bucks in gas so that and a day trip is worth it to me...Mike
Lol did you take a moped, & pedal it most of the way? Last time I drove there was 10 years ago don't remember gas cost but do remember it being a good 12 hours that would be a bit more than a day trip door to door (n)


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Ahh that explains it :), parts are here in in Mass looking to get em to Burlington, N.C., have a good weekend..


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How fast do you need the parts there ?
See if you can find someone going to Bowling Green next month, several people from the Burlington area will be there including Richard Clark, Sydwyndr and SloGN