Any good hyd roller lifters other than clicky Comps?

Steve V

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I use only Johnson lifters FWIW, I get them from Dave and Bison. I have several sets of used Morels and comps laying around. I am no expert but I stay with what works. I usually run about 150 on the seat and 400+ open for pressures, .030 preload max. I've spent a lot of time talking to both Bison and Dave and they have taught me bunches about valvetrain stuff. Like I said I will stay with what has worked for me and my customers.

Steve V

Steve V's Automotive 757 560 2782
Seems like everybody has had some kind of failure with every type of lifter.
I'll stick with my morel lifter.

I do have a question though.
If the box says do not run oil heavier than 5w 40.
Why are people ruining different oil?

Seems like there's a lot of guys out there running 15 30 or 20 50
You've got some builders that like .0025-.003 for clearences that requires 20w-50. IMO if you bearing clearences are .0015-002 and rod side clearence is tight you will have oil pressure to the moon on 10w-30-40