Any fix for turbolink 4.0 and windows 10


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As the title says, is there any way to make turbolink 4.0 work on a windows 8 or 10 computer? Worked perfect on my old windows 7 machine (which is dead now)

I know it's an outdated scan tool, but it works for me... just wish I could actually still use it.

Program loads on the computer just fine, but the dashboard won't open. There's got to be a computer genius out there that can figure it out.


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You might have better luck contacting Ken Mosher or Scott Keller.... they frequent the board more than this forum.... as you already stated it's a bit antiquated, as most have moved to the PowerLogger which reads a much higher frequency of information iirc.


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hi you're not the only that uses turbo-link,i'm trying to get the program going after i had to change usb serial adapter for my older laptop running xp.pretty sure i need a driver for this new cable,will let you know how i do..

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Has anyone made Turbolink work on a windows 10 laptop yet? My old xp laptop just died, so I may be moving on to powerlogger