Another scammer



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I hope no one falls for all these guys trying to scam people, they all seem to spit the same game.

Contact for the parts you need cheap!
I tried that address....... Got a Dick Pic..........HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Not really.......... I kid...... Didn't open any of them, and there are a lot.


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He sent me that crap too, haven't met too many turbobuick Aussie owners. Between parts and helping a Nigerian Prince reclaim his throne, I can't afford to fall for that old banna in the tailpipe gag!


I’ve had so many lately I’ve just stopped reporting them on here. I just report the post. Dunno if that does the same thing.

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Throw in "me and my dad", "I seen it", lots of double negatives, etc.
Watch a segment of On Patrol and one will see a true picture of the LCD.