Another MS3Pro Evo build


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Jan 24, 2011
This doesn't really have much to do with the Megasquirt install, more of dealing with the customized 4bbl intake and the problems it created.

I moved the plate the holds the coils a little higher on the valve cover to fix the clearance issue against the heater box. When I put things back together, then I noticed that the valve cover itself was touching too. Cut off the corner, weld in a small filler piece and that is fixed.
valvecover1.jpg valvecover2.jpg
The 4bbl throttle body needed a cable bracket for accelerator and TV cable. Also had to make a lengthened tab for the TV cable attachment "nub". The brackets that hold the fuel rails required the bracket sit a little farther away than normal.

bracket.jpg tv_bracket1.jpg tv_bracket2.jpg
Intake pipe got fitted and welded up. It is right in the way of the upper radiator hose going to the thermostat housing. Mine come out of the top instead of the front. So, I made a custom job to go under the intake pipe. I'm going to add an air bleed screw at the top, the bung just hasn't showed up yet. I might not work at all.

intake1.jpg intake2.jpg intake3.jpg thermostat_cap.jpg


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May 25, 2001
Whens the next start up? I would like to look at the program ..


Fixer of crap..
Jan 24, 2011
The car is packed away for winter. If I had a heated garage, work might continue, but for now it's too cold and I'm too old. I really only need to hook up fuel lines and run the ECU to somewhere in the cabin.

I did find a pic of the day I bought it. Not sure of exact date, but photograph had a date on the back when it was developed of Dec 88.

33 freakin years ago. Damn I feel old.


Fixer of crap..
Jan 24, 2011
No real work done on the car yet, as it's still to cold to be enjoyable, but I did come up with a place for the ECU. Current plan is to relocate the battery to the trunk and put the ECU in the stock battery location. The boys got a 3D printer for Christmas and I did my first real project with it.

It should keep the MS3box pretty well protected and I can still communicate with it via the bluetooth adapter.
I figure it used about $15 worth of PLA (the 3D printer plastic "wire") and took 29 hours to print.


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