Another "Car Show" Incident


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Found this on the CTS-V forum and thought I would share the stupidity here. Both should have know better but.....

Besides the tragedy caused by the stupidity of the spectator, I would like to share an observation about this article. I noticed the wokeness and hypocrisy of the writer/editor. The wokeness is the fact that despite clear photos of the driver, they will not identify his race, they will only call him a light-skinned man. The hypocrisy is they assumed his gender. How do they know he is not a woman? How dare you!


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This happened out by me and it was not a car show. Just some clowns doing donuts and stupid stuff. This kid has had incidents before but he doesn’t care. He has turned himself in and has a ton of charges on him. But this is NY and he will be free without bail.

T-type Jones

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WHY did the idiot run out in front of a speeding car, and lay down on the ground. I'm not saying the guy in the car was right for showing off, But DAMN, You don't run out in front of the car and then lay down in front of it...I'm glad this guy is not around when I'm pointing my firearm in a safe direction