...and then there was GNX #548

Respectfully to the 547 that knowingly roam this planet, one has to wonder "..did they REALLY stop at 547?" So, to demistify the glazed look in fellow GN(X)-onians, in the process of being resurrected out of the weeds and shedding the moniker of "barn find" (a yard find, really), attached is the GNX prodigy the day I bought it. Bequeathed to a good home, she is patiently enduring a makeover.....


Got Portholes?
I call bogus only because the power antenna isn't stuck in the "up" position.;)

Post up some progress pics when you can irregardless.


Maybe a former employee of ASC decide to make a last one using left over parts. If it's a real GNX, but how will the owner prove it?


Acknowledged or not this car was a blind operation and was born a gn like all others and converted into 548 and is outfitted with all GNX mods