And so it begins.... (lsx content)


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Here is the trans setup. I had a 200 in here. This is a th400 with the stock trans crossmember. Looks like I will get to keep my 200 drive shaft. See the pics. The yoke will stick out the same distance as it did with the 200. I just need to get a 1350 yoke for the 400 now. The hr mount is so close to working also. If the 400 and 200 used the same mounting hole locations I'd be in business. I did email hr parts to see if they make their bracket for a 400. If it isn't too much I will get it.


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Got the obx headers today. They look pretty good. Only real issue is they rub the steering shaft. I have a jeep shaft to install which may solve this problem.


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IIRC they are 1.75 primaries to either 2.75 or 3" collector.

I guess you are going to run the truck brackets, right? (since you have the truck water pump on it...). It looks like those headers will clear the brackets for the truck, but they might not clear the vette stuff. They should clear fbody accessories as well from my guesstimate.


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Here is some of my home head porting. I removed the material on the upper right if the port. Also removed material by the valve guide on the left. Now if you follow the upper right part of the port with your finger, it ramps your finger across the port to the left of the valve guide where I smoothed it out. In theory it sounds good but I have no idea if it will actually work this way.


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I have a jeep shaft in the garage and i think the top is even thicker than the stock shaft so you might need some dimpling.


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Yeah I was looking at the jeep shaft and you are right. I will just stick with the stock intermediate shaft and lightly massage the primary. It is so close


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ok, ive been away from this site for awhile, 10 years... but after someone told me about this thread, i got the ole gn out, started driving it around, and thinking, boy could i use 1000 hp... ive got a 5.3 sittting in the basement. another gn sitting in the garage without a motor.. i'm ready !!!!! anyone else want to order parts and build two of them at the same time? i'm ok with single turbo. love this thread, i can't sleep now... Thanks............

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You'll figure of out one day

I don't think so bud...I'm not saying I'll never have a turbo ls, but it'll never be in my Buick

Edit - scratch that i would do that to this car, but only if i had a nicer Buick to keep a v6 in.