Am I screwed?

I have wanted one my whole adult life. I finally get one: 87 Grand National. Only I can't afford a low mileage garage parked perfect car. I found one I could afford. Yes, it has a few issues. Yes, It has been wrecked before. I take it all with a grain of salt. The motor is strong, transmission shifts great, the A/C blows cold and the interior is perfect. The body has its fair share of door dings and a parking lot pole ding on the right rear quarter. I fix the tail lights, the brake lights, the dash lights, replace the bumper fillers, put new tires on it. But there is one nagging problem I want to get fixed before I send the car off to the paint shop: THE REAR END IS NOT CENTERED UNDER THE CAR!!!! Upon closer inspection, my car has been raped of the 8.5 rear end and has a 7.5-non posi in it's place. I am guessing the rear end was changed out when the car was wrecked. I suspected the control arms were bent from the previous mentioned wreck. I replaced the lower control arms, it moved the rear end over a hair, but not nearly enough to fix the problem. The rear end needs to move toward the passenger side about an inch. Am I completely screwed or is there a way to center the rear end? I am going to be on the hunt now for an 8.5 posi, but I have to get this car tracking straight. :confused:


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I've heard that the rears are rarely perfectly centered on these cars. Theres a good chance that it is just normal the way it is. If it drives/handles okay then you should be fine.
it doesn't track straight and I have noticed outter tire wear on the passenger side.....I really need to get this figured out.

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deputydawg said:
it doesn't track straight and I have noticed outter tire wear on the passenger side.....I really need to get this figured out.
Probably be worth whatever it costs to have a reputable frame straightening shop look at it and pass judgement. You might have frame issues that can be resolved. HTH
Yep, I'm screwed..

I just got back from the frame shop....going to cost about 750 bucks to straighten the frame.....guess the body work will have to hold off.


This may sound crazy. A car with a repair frame is like a someone with a alter spine...

You have waited a long time to own this car, this is not just any G-body. its value increases the older it gets,more than any other. (OLDER) sheet metal are still easy to find (OEM). AFTERMARKET is not my cup-of-tea. When it come`s to body and structual part OEM alway looks orignal :D .

I am just a stright-up car NUT :eek: . I will replace the full frame with a OEM one from a salvage-yard. i am pretty sure you in a couple yrs when you plan (which we all do, 99%) to sell. You will like to know your car turn out to be an investment, and not so some GN with a Repair frame :mad: . We build alot of hard to find automobile, and with it comes time for inspection. we say NO to repair/bend/ or weld frame. but then again you can hide it....its what most people do...or should i say TRY to do..

good luck
Keep shopping around, never stick with one professional opion.


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Congrats on your car

Nothing like attaining a goal even though now you have discovered it might not be what you thought it was. Any thing can be fixed. The question becomes how much are you willing to spend.

If you don't plan to sell, fix it as best as your money or desire will allow and enjoy your machine. That's why you bought it to begin with. At least now you know why it was inexpensive.

I've owned mine since new and it has some crazy stuff wrong with it too. It's a car and you drive it to enjoy it. That's why I bought mine.

Good Luck



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Are you 100% sure that the body is completely square on the frame? Most g-bodys are off alittle bit (ok alot, look at the door gap on g-bodys).
My monte is only off a very tiny bit because I loosened the body mounts (ok I actually broke them in doing so) and wiggled and measured till i was happy.
The frame is bent. I don't have the time or resources to swap out frames. I have no desire to race or sell. Just going to get it straightened. Once straightened, I will address whatever body issues come up-have a feeling I am going to have to replace the poorly repaired right rear quarter panel. I guess it will be in primer for a while. I plan on getting everything else right on the car, such as exhaust, body bushings, weather stripping, window seals-before addressing the paint.