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Chuck Leeper

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My name is Jonathan not Francis and I don’t have a chirp sound it’s a Screeching sound so tell me what to do to fix it
I'm glad to know that.
I thot your name was Vern! :D
Lighten up, Francis. No one is ignoring you :cautious: There have been several suggestions, have you tried any of them?

Look here for more suggestions.

Good luck.
Guy, I've got a great idea!
Let's hook him up with Lou! :LOL: :oops:

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What Movie is that? I’d like to watch it
strips an all time classic ...

little tip for ya sir ...try to go an introduce yourself on member introduction section ...and post pics of your car and story...helps ease the natives with your questions ....and you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar ...IE demanding answers ....this crew is the best ...but some of them have been dealing with same ole questions asked 1000 times over the past 20 plus years if you do a little poking around and learn how this forum works can more than likely find your answer ...GL with your car ...gimme dolla :p


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1987GrandNational - Google is your friend.

These cars are a blast but always seem to give you something to work on. If you're not adept at some of the straightforward stuff, find a reputable GN mechanic in your area and get some help.
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