ALRADCO Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Red C5

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Sale ends tonight. Feel free to spread the word . Thank you.

jay dcpt

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They were expensive I have one in one of my cars. Great fitting piece. It's been years but I'm pretty sure they were 600? Maybe.


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Labor Day Sale 2013 -$502 8FBF3886-189F-4AF1-8499-E59F50252B62.png

87 GNx2

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Yeah seems like it was around 500 it was a good radiator I just the cold Case radiator from full throttle though my tuner says it does work just as well
Only 389$

Temps on the car we’re perfect until the front mount . every time I do a front mount end up having to get a new radiator
Found it. 595 shipped july 10, 2018 when I got bent over
Damn this Guy took $595 Dollars from you and he is never to be heard from again.Does any one know what happened to him Pete seemed like such a great guy and Vendor,was going to get a Radiator and Fan Setup then he was gone several PM,s never an Answer.No Activity on Facebook or Instagram in Years.


What's An Intercooler
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Life happens its all good. i still have one of his radiators in my car and love it. he also hooked me up with a replacement radiator cap at zero cost when i thought i was having an issues with it. Hope hes doing ok.


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Have one in my car as well ... haven’t had any issue. Was considering purchasing another for my other car but looks like I am too late