All stuff must go.


SOLD !!!!!

Grand National and Regal parts.
So many little parts will have to use two or more ads to show all the pics. Worth WAY WAY WAY over $150. NO negotiation. No selling of individual parts. Take it all and sell it your self.
Hard to find parts.

This is not a full list. Will try to put as much as possible. Will update daily.

Rear cloth panel NEW
Valve cover gasket NEW
Tie Rods NEW
Door Pull Covers NEW
Torque strap NEW
Headlight NEW
Spark plug wires NEW
Tool Tray, fits over hood latch NEW
Factory Turbo
Turbo Cover
Intercooler scoop
Shifter knob
Grand National magnetic emblem full size
Key covers factory
Dash screws, hard to find
Computer chip cover
Vacuum canister Crane for large cam cars.
Chilton Manuals
fuel injectors stock
seat belts
dome cover
Three 120amp alternator Rebuildable. One just needs new pos post.
Fuel filter
Fuel pressure regulator factory
Center console lid
Factory GN Gray spay paint
Turbo Down pipe lead doughnut
Factory Air cleaner
Charcoal canister
Battery hold down
Spark plugs
Spare tire cover
Lower door seals
A pillar
Cruise control
Wheel arch trim 3
Some rear window trim
front speakers

All parts as is.

Second ad
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Now that is one HELL of a deal Ryan. I'm sure it won't last long. Is it time to leave this rock?


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It was nice to meet you. Wish you well in your new location.

I'm actually giving your lot sale some thought. Could use a few of those things, just don't have room for all of it. Lol.


Argh! Just came to mainland last week... would have grabbed all this in person. Another deal missed...