all season tires


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hello people; I got them on my TB (uniroyal tiger paw) do yous think they got any better? My TB handles pretty well with them and obviously not as good as a summer only tire but not bad. I've got some Michiens on my CRV that's considered all season and there much better than the ones that came with it.

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For handling I look at the speed rating. The higher the speed rating the stiffer the sidewall and the better it will handle.
When I ran all season tires on my daily I liked the BFG Comp T/A HR4, Kumho Ecsta ASX, Bridgestone Pole Position 019 Grid, but my favorite was the Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S because both sidewalls were made with Kevlar.
Now I run studded snows in the winter and Continental ExtremeContact DW tires in the summer.

It’s amazing the difference between an S rated tire and an H. IMO there’s not as big a difference from H to V and from V to Z and so on.