AlkyControl Kit Install


The Next Generation
Jul 9, 2006
Have a local guy looking to get an AlkyControl Kit installed on his GN. He’s had the car for about a year and looking to do more mods. His current TT chip is cut for Alky, but needs the kit installed. He’d also like to have a nice tune done on it (I advised him he might as well throw a new TT chip while going through the car). It’s a mild street build thus far—PT5858, 60lbers, 3in down pipe, stall converter, etc.
He’s already contacted GN Northwest and a couple other shops, but hasn’t heard back from anyone. Our shops in town are trash when it comes to these cars so that’ll be last resort.

Located in Tri-Cities, WA. I don’t think he’s a member on here yet, so shoot me a message and I’ll relay it to him. I’ve kind of been out of the Turbo Buick scene after selling my GN 2 years ago, but just trying to help out a TB brother. Let me know!