Alky control bracket


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You get what you pay for.

Everyone I've ever known who cheaped out on buying solid, proven parts for one of these cars, ended up regretting it. That equals a minimum 2X the cost as an end result for you. Minimum.

Good luck and go with what you know.

Jus' sayin'
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Just a 500hp daily driver car. Not looking for max effort. It will be turbo ls. I’ve used the 3” China Intercoolers in the past with great results. So just curious which intercoolers fit nicely in these cars.

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Keep an eye on these forums, just sold mine yesterday for around $425, you's be surprised the part you're looking for is right in front of you


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I run an eBay fmic. Couldn’t tell you a brand, bought it about 10 years ago. Got the pipes for it separately. As with anything eBay, buyer beware. Maybe mine was made on a Tuesday?


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If you think $900 is a lot for an intercooler sell your car. $900 will get you a chinese intercooler. You can possibly get a decent core for that price here but youll have to pay someone to do a bunch of fab work to get it in use