Air conditioning 86/87 R134A Condenser


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This question I'm sure has come but didn't see it in a search. The Spectra 7-3043 has been posted here as our replacement condenser for R134A. The spectra number is not in stock anywhere, we know. Has anyone found another one close enough that we could work with? I plan to have the lines replaced also. Local company makes lines with new the new hoses. I was thinking getting a condenser that's close, the lines can be made to fit?
Others experiences ?
Also deeper heat transfer question, has anyone seen the heat rejection ability on a stock AC condenser as compared to the R134A parallel flow? I know the parallel is supposed to more efficient.
Has anyone in the lower Midwest or south just kept the stock condenser and changed to R134a?


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The newer style condensers have more surface area exposed to the charge, that's why they're more efficient.

The OE one will work, but you won't be able to get it ice cold. Outlet temps in the cabin will probably bottom out in the mid 50s instead of being able to get it all the way down to 48-ish. Still way better than no A/C at all. The OE one also has the advantage of being able to be flushed properly. If the Spectras are out of stock and you have a factory one, I'd not have a problem re-using the OE one as long at it was in good condition.


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Yes i have good used oem condensers. I know guys have put r134a in place of r12 and it works.
Not like r12 as you mentioned.
I also have a little stash of r12.
I'm torn on direction to take.
My car has a refrigerant leak I need to address. A recharge a season has turned into two a season.
I'm helping a local guy currently trying to solve these problems I also need to attack.


This year I had my system converted to 134. Kept all stock parts and they just did a leak test and added 134. It makes the difference between driving the car and not on these 90*+ humid days in August. It’s amazing.

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What a complete shitshow!!
I just did mine to 134a as well this year.

Had a local place re-do my hoses to re-crimp & replace the rubber.

I’m using the Spectra 7403 & so far, so good.

'87 Turbo "T"

What a complete shitshow!!
What is a 7403 condenser? I don't see it listed

Spectra 7-4013. Little number mix-up. Try giving your local parts stores that number. You may luck out.

Fits decently. Chincy feet but they fit into the existing pads. Small minor inlet/outlet tweaking but nothing major.

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Also deeper heat transfer question, has anyone seen the heat rejection ability on a stock AC condenser as compared to the R134A parallel flow?
Vintage Air sells the hi efficiency units. They say 15% or more improvement.


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I have a used original GM condenser taken out of my 87 GN (original part number GM #3041841)
Free to a good home, just pay for shipping & PayPal fee


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