aftermarket Rear speaker shelf


anyone used this from g-body yet. Online

i need to replace or cover up the old carboard rear dash and replace the speakers so i figured i could do it all in one shot with this.

If anyone has pics if they installed it would be great or any opnions of people who have seen one installed.

also if you put 4 speakers in there could you splice the left and right wires to add the other two or should i just run an amp to power all 4 seprately?


1984 t-type

Murphy's Law
If your going that route I would power them off a small 4ch amp. Sound quality wise I would say go with either a 6.5" component set or a set of 6x9's, just my opinion. There is a guy on eBay who sells package trays that hold other sizes, he has a monte ss eBay store but they will fit all gbodies.