aftermarket EFI systems


im too old for this crap!
i originally posted this in non sfi, n/a tech section but got no responses so i'll post it here since most people go here. hopefully i'll have better luck.

i dont knows if this belongs here or not but i have a n/a buick engine so i thought i'd post this here since it is a non SFI post.

for those who even care i have a 85 GP with a 3.8. its the original engine with 140,000+ miles on it and to be honest, even though its not powerful it still starts the first time every time and runs very well and i'm happy with it. however i HATE the carb on it. i change it with a remanned unit and while i'm not having any problems with it i just dont like 2 bbl carbs. now the car is 18 years old and carbs a re a bit outdated. now i like carbs, dont get me wrong but i dont want another carb on this car in the future. i plan on keeping this car for a long time to come and ive been kicking around this idea of retrofitting it with a EFI system later on. one system i'm look at is holley's 950 command EFI system. its a speed density based EFI system with a GM style 2 bbl style throttle body that is either 400 CFM or 670 CFM and then they have 4 bbl versions that are 650, 750 and 900 CFM. it is very tunable from what i understand (requires a laptop for the software it comes with) and it can even control your ignition or use a vacuum advance distributor if you want. it has a O2 sensor, water temp sensor, air temp sensor and a map sensor.
the 650 CFM 4 bbl version is for 150-275 HP engines. it can be used on 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder even fire (said even fire specifically so i guess odd fire engines are out) and V8 engines. so this system seems very flexible to me. this is NOT like their projection 2D system where its very limited in tunability. it comes with everything you need (aside from a return fuel line and stuff like that) you install their system. now if i went with the 2 bbl GM TBI style version i'd have to use their adapter plate to a rochester 2 bbl intake or i can use an after market intake and go for the 650 CFM 4 bbl version and dump the EGR and other emissions crap i wont need later (i think i want to do this when its old enough for antique tags to avoid the smog police). of course i can use the 4 bbl 4.1 intake i have but like i said i want to ditch the emissions crap when its old enough for antique tags. either i'll get this engine rebuilt or just get another rebuilt engine and keep this one and get it rebuilt for later use as a spare. about the only thing i'd do is add an aftermarket cam and headers to the engine to up the power. an aftermarket intake would give me more gains than either factory intake so i'm kinda leaning towards the 4 bbl version. i know if i set the engine up right 650 CFM wouldnt be too much for it to handle. supposedly the system is suppose to help smooth out idle, improve drivability, etc. and those are other reasons why i'm looking into it. i know TBI is just a step up from a carb and is like "primitive EFI" in a way but i want something better than a dualjet and i want more tunability. as it is now there isnt much to tune on these carbs. with the 950 command system you can tune fuel and spark maps. the system cost 1300 bucks, which is par for the course when it comes to a "complete" EFI system. the only two drawbacks to me are the price and it requires a laptop for fine tuning. since my application would be "custom" i'd have to have to have a laptop. they have downloadable "base maps" but they're all for V8 engines. i've looked at other systems but i think this one is the best choice for me so far.

i'm looking for anyone with any experience with this system and i'm looking for general opinions, if anyone thinks i'm nuts or stupid or whatever. i want something "different" and sticking with a 3.8 instead of putting in a SBC is a good start to being different. ive also never heard of anyone using an aftermarket EFI kit on an n/a 3.8 before either. i dont want to go "all out" on the engine later but i do plan on bumping up the power to about 150-250 HP. it'll probably always be a daily driver so it doesnt have to be all that powerful.

so if you were to chose an EFI system for your engine what would you chose and why?