AES Engines In Elgin, Anyone Build A Block There, Feedback?


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Doug at AES engines in Elgin happens to have a grand national so it sounds like a pretty great company to use for engine builds here in IL. I haven't heard of them in the many years I've been around but I am looking for any feedback before I get in deep with another engine builder.

3.8, Stroker, Stage or TA build here, parts, labor, time frame, reliability etc??



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X2 Precision Engine -Sleepy Hollow IL. Rick Sliwinski
You don't have to look any further. He will do you right!!


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Doug has built 2 I know of. One being a girdled Stroker. It is for sale. Never put it in the car.


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X3 Precision Engine in Sleepy Hollow
LOTS of Turbo Buicks through that shop. Including Stage II and TA blocks