Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tank


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Picked up an Aeromotive Gen 2 Stealth fuel tank and pump combo, 340lph. They powder coat them silver, but I’m half tempted to paint it black so it doesn’t stand out. Anyone have a silver tank that could post a pic of it on the car? I’d like to see what it looks like going down the road before I paint over that nice powder coating...


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My tank was black from the car being undercoated (ordered it that way) so I like the black tank look.
I painted my replacement tank semi- gloss black to match the undercoating.


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I too recently installed one of these, but I feel the fit was not perfect, I ended up having to use a longer bolt on one side, did I just not get the placement perfect? Or did others have issues?


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I don’t have any pics but mine is silver and at first I planned on having it painted black. However, people instantly started to notice it and all I’ve gotten is compliments on it being a nice clean subtle touch. So, I’m leaving mine as well.

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After looking at all the pics and getting behind my car, looks like you can’t see it regardless if driving behind it cause it’s so tucked up there. I have to be down practically sitting on the ground to even see mine.