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Like I said, state your intentions to him and then follow through with it. Going to small claims court isn't a joke. If you are awarded judgment he will pay one way or the other. I'm betting once he is served it will never get to court. People like this make a lot of noise it seems but don't have the stones to back it up. It has went this far because you let it. Unfortunately people like this get over confident until you stand them up. I have had to do this in the past and will do it again if someone pushed me to "the final straw".

Bruce Urie

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I was on the "move on with my life" train of thinking. There were a couple of things that happened lately that made me rethink how I have let him treat me.

1. He couldn't wait to tell me that he sold the car he owed me money on, and sold if for more than he bought it from me...and still didn't pay me.

2. He keeps showing off his new new vehicles he as bought since he has owed me.

3...the final straw...I saw him last weekend and offered to take some parts off his hands that he has had for years in lieu of the $1200....he responded only with a fat joke "If you can do 50 push-ups we will do that"

In this case, I'd nail his ass to the wall......go to court! And win! Teach that corkball a lesson he needs.

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