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Hello everyone. I had my Ac system rebuild a few years back.New compressor,orifice tube ,lines........... was so cold I could hand meat in the car. Things have changed. Now No cold air. The compressor keep cycling. I tried AC Pro..... Nope. Any suggestions? Don't feel like shelling out tons more but.... I am old and NEED AC!!!!.
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If you don't have gauges and know how to put in what ever coolant the system uses take it to someone who does and spend the coin. Or read up , get the tools and such and get to work. It is leaking and will continue to unless something is done about it. So it needs to be filled. It can be pulled apart, new rings installed but it could be the compressor that is leaking. Some florescent dye and a black light will help you or whoever see a leak. Again, not difficult but does take time and effort.


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connect gauge to low side (drier)
start car and set ac at max and fan to high ..make sure fan is blowing at high speed from ducts..
if blower fan doesnt blow youll need to fix that before the a/c cant be serviced
is ac compressor clutch engaged or cycling ?
you need to make sure the ac clutch stays engaged to get a proper charge reading
unplug the round connector to the drier and put a jumper across the terminals inside the plug (a paper clip or cotterpin works just dont let it touch any metal )
set a flat screwdriver blade behind throttle stop to bring rpm up to 1200-1500
ac compressor clutch should engage and now you can read the low side charge pressure on the gauge
add refrigerant as needed, once the charge is near normal the drier plug can be put back and compressor clutch should re-engage
radiator fan should also be running to cool the A/c condensor core or rapid cycling will occor due to the
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Sometimes a leak is indicated by oil residue. Look at all the connections and see if any show oil. Look at the condenser in front of the radiator. A hard hit from a stone can cause a leak. Typically a leak is the problem but it could be electrical too.