About done with..


Are these guys going to fix the site and hopefully recover all the years of knowledge and photos that are gone?


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First time I've popped my head in here in close to 2 years and it's almost unrecognizable. My Tapatalk app doesn't work, and the mobile web page is unbearable. Unlike any other forum im a member of. 75% of the posted pictures are unavailable and adds cover 60% of the site. Insane. I won't be spending much time here like this at least not on a cell phone.

@earlbrown what are you referring to that makes it better?


Why don't the admins just make it user friendly? Years of great knowledge buried in this site and it can't easily be accessed. If the administration is throwing in the towel I'd be happy to take the role over. I also have turbotransam.com though not as big as this site it's been running since 2000.


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Goo*** and advertising revenue play a big part in all this.

90% Of the adds are based on sites you visit and I bet there is someone on here who is bombarded with midget porn adds.


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I'm just glad the site is still here. I hate that all that knowledge and pictorial information is gone, yet I've heard of some hope in recovering it.

I'm sure that venture will be costly due to a nefarious web master's interference with the site, while holding a "virtual" gun to Shane's head.

I, of course, am willing to donate if a solution can be found but I'm afraid that all of the visual stuff, up until October '19, is gone forever.

In addition, so many wise and knowledgeable guys have just disappeared.

So sad.


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Ahhhh found a browser that makes it bearable. Now I only get an add header now and then which I don't mind. I get the need for adds but in chrome this was unbearable. Not only was there as much adds covering the page as content it made a noticeable negative effect on page load times and overall responsiveness of the site.


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Ad blocker?

No, a script blocker. Websites have scripts in them that do things like pop up ads, track your browsing, give your computer the herps, etc...

Blocking the scripts, don't even give the ads a chance you know you're there.

....and the midget porn sites too.

This is what I use.. NoScript - JavaScript/Java/Flash blocker for a safer Firefox experience! - what is it? - InformAction
On this page (and the rest of the internets) it's blocking googlesyndication.com, googletagmanager.com, microsoft.com, and turbobuick.com

I see no ads, but there's boxes that say ''JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding''. AKA ''can you make it so we can track your ass, fill your computer with cookies, and show you ads''.

I know this site is here to make money for the owner(s), but if I can't show up and hand out free tech advice without a bunch of BS, I won't show up at all.

When I need to refresh myself on something I posted years ago, I search turbobuickS.com anyway. That archive is 100% intact from day 1. It's dead now, but it never had the massive delete happy days, or the FBI stuff, or pictures vanishing, or any of that drama.

With the exception of Broke1's dumbass messing with Mike, it was pretty much tech in the tech section.


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Just logged in after several months...I have some GN parts stuck at a warehouse in Montana, but due to the border still being closed, I haven't been able to get them transported up to Canada, so I haven't done any work on the car this summer. Came back on here to see all images are gone. Wow, really??