A Life Cut Too Short


I am not sure if this is the best place to post this, but as this is the place that I talked to him and the class in which he recently raced in (TSA), I thought it best to be here. I am still in disbelief that this dear man is gone from us. In the very short time I knew him, it was an honor and a privilege to get to know him, compete against him and to share our mutual love for Buicks. He will be missed greatly, but my faith in God helps me to remember that he is at peace and is pain and sickness free. At times, life seems so terribly unfair and lives are cut short way too soon.

Rest In Peace Dale Collins. We were the lucky ones to have known you.

Missy Thompson


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Wow... way to many Buick folks leaving this life to early. It was posted just a few days ago about Janace Conley and Trey that worked with Dennis Kirban just passed. I didn't know Dale but very sad to hear. Thanks for posting it Missy.

RIP Dale.


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I met Dale only once and he made me feel as we were friends for 20 years. Great person and car guy. So sorry to hear of this and thanks for sharing Missy.


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A true shame, super nice guy. I had planned on seeing him this coming year at BG having a blast in the new TTS class.