A few new additions to MAGNA!


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We have had a few new additions to MAGNA recently so please give these guys a welcome!

First I'd like to welcome aboard Stefan Koprucki aka (TRICKSIXPA). Stefan will be the new club treasure as well as handling club promotions! Stefan knows his way around a turbo Buick or two along with his experience in these fields, should be a great addition to the club! If you want to donate a few bucks to the club, Stefan is the man to contact! Welcome Stefan!

Second I'd like to welcome aboard Jordan Polites aka (Undercover87T). Jordan is our new Maryland representative for the club. Jordan will handle all the planning for our Maryland meets working with the other state representatives, Jeff, and myself to bring some great new ideas to the club and the state of Maryland. Any and all MAGNA members in the great state of Maryland should have some input for MAGNA meets, please contact Jordan and let him know! Welcome Jordan!

We are happy to have these guys on board to move the club forward making it the best it can be and better! Please welcome them aboard!

For more information about MAGNA admin and state representatives, here is a quick link for you! http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/threads/important-info-for-all-magna-members.413787/


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Well glad to be having a more active role in the club and the one thing like to stress to everybody is Participation!! Bring those Buicks out and good things will happen. Remeber Facebook doesn't show your hard work on your car off as much as bringing it out to an event nor does it let you meet a great bunch of member that help each other out. Hope to see more people out at the events Im sure with our new pimp/director Mr C will get you guys out.

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:cool: Congrats to everyone in their new positions and good luck with everything moving forward (y)

We're gonna need that "power 6" smilie over here, too...


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I've been helping out with MD behind the scenes for awhile but now that I'm officially part of the MAGNA team, I look foward to helping out in any way I can ;). Like Stefan said, the events are where we get to share our hard work, not just with each other, but with the general public as well. When people see a large group of these cars together, they always come over to ask questions. Boosting event attendance is the key. Feel free to contact any of the reps with suggestions.
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