90' Z28 w/400 - KILL


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Well, I haven't been out in a long time in the 86' T-type, but this weekend we got the Big Neck Intercooler for the T-type and I put it on. The new IC was supposed to fix the lag issue we was having, and well, it seriously fixed it. Before I could only get 1-2psi off the line, and now the turbo is spooling up to 6-7psi and burning the tires off. We are going to have to get some bigger meats in the back because the turbo is so quick now, that it jumps to 23psi and the tires just roast, even at 40 mph if you tromp it, it will spin the tires (need tire advice below).
So anyway, we decided to take the T-type on a cruise and catch a late movie. The second I got into town I see a Red 90' or so Z28 that rumbled across the intersection. I pull in behind him and follow him towards downtown, I pass him and he doesn't even flinch, I guess the old Buick is to much of a sleeper. Well, I am not an instagator, so we go on to downtown and I leave him behind. Well, we cruise downtown and then decide to go towards the mall for the movie, and well, the Z28 was going so slow, we catch back up to him at the stop light. No one was around, just us. He revs his engine (sounded serious), so I knew it was on. I didn't even rev up, just waited for the stop light. We take off half throttle and then he drops it after about 10ft. (At the stop light I had noticed a serious lope and I saw about a 4inch exhaust pipe underneath the car.) Well, when we finally dropped the hammer, I immidately jumped to 20psi of boost (not full throttle), and I jumped a car on him spinning. I had to let-off 2 times. The race didn't last very long and when we reached about half-a-block, we both shut-it down. I maintained the 1 car length while spinnning, but I didn't know if he was having traction issues to. So in reality, I can really only say I won the take-off battle. Like I said, the lag issue is fixed, and I can only guess what it will run at the track now. Last year, it ran an 8.5 in the 1/8, in 100degree weather with no boost off the line (2.0 sec 60 ft). I found out later who the guy was, and he had dropped a 400 into the Z28, not for sure what else was done. :cool:

Tire quesiton: I am thinking about getting some Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Tires - 255/60R15. Will these tires fit up nicely and not rub the bottom of the fender-well, or bottom out? I saw other people talking about them. I have stock springs. Thanks for any info. :)


Good kill.

Those tires should fit on your stock wheels with no rubbing at all. I'm running a 275/40/17 in the back and there's 3/4" on each side.