'87 Limited T- 32k miles, lots of mods- NICE


runs with scissors
Nick, you should put a link to this thread on your Ebay auction. Ebay has all those title flags lit up like the 4th of july so a little reassurance might help with some potential bidders.
I hope you selling it because you want to and not from hardships. I made my last big parts orders today to get my car back on the road after over 3 years so I know how rough it can be.
When I get back up to NW ATL to visit my lesbos we might need to meet up for drinks. It'd be a lot better than when you and your girl were down at the house before that big storm!

Do you have a carfax for the car

No, but if you go to the eBay auction, it has what they call an AutoCheck report with the history.

Thanks for the tip Earl, I believe I will put the link on there. Send me an email next time you're coming around this way.

Edit: 8 hours left on the auction for those watching the thread that are interested.
Car didn't sell on eBay, but it's sold pending pick-up tomorrow.
I'll get back with anyone else interested if the deal falls through, if not and no more posts- it sold.


Sexy MF Joe
Nice.let me know where it ends up so when I want to reunite with it I can buy it back. I have a habit of doing that :D