'87 Limited T- 32k miles, lots of mods- NICE

Price is listed at the bottom of the post below the pics.

Make: Buick
Model: Regal Limited, Turbo-T : 1 of 1,035 produced.
Mileage: Right around the 32,500 mark...I still drive it on nice days.
Exterior: White and Chrome
Interior: Burgandy with Bench Seat/Column Shift
Options include power windows, power locks, concert sound, tilt, cruise.

Re-built PowerMaster added from Advance Auto back in April of this year.

Parts with ** were bought new and put on less than 500 miles ago/the work was done less than 500 miles ago.
All other parts are also very low mileage, most less than a few thousand.

**Spectre Air Filter, ATR SS Crossflow Exhaust, High-Flow Catalytic Converter
QBoost In-Car Boost Controller, Terry Houston 3” Downpipe, 3” Cut-Out
Full Throttle Speed 4” MAF Pipe & **MAF Translator
Limit Engineering GT70 P-Trim Turbo w/ HD Actuator
**TR Custom Parts Super Extreme Front Mount Intercooler (27x17x3” core)

**Razor’s Alcohol Injection Kit
**Flow Matched Delphi/Lucas 79lb Injectors
Walbro 340 Fuel Pump w/ Casper’s Hotwire Kit
**Kirban Billet Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Bilstein Shocks, **Rear Air Bag Kit, Kirban Driveshaft Loop
Large Rear Pinion Snubber, Centerline Convo-Pro Wheels
**Kirban Soft Compound Rear Brake Shoes
275/50/15 Mickey Thompson ET Drag Radials

ScanMaster 2.1, ORiS Boost Gauge, Casper’s Cam Tool, **TurboTweak Emissions Chip
Under-Hood Fuel Pressure Gauge, **TurboTweak 79lb Injector Alcohol Chip
**Innovate LC-1 Wideband w/ DB Gauge and LogWorks Software
VDO Water Temperature, Voltage, & Oil Pressure Gauges

**Stock Heads – Machine work done by Proline Racing
Competition Valve Job
Gasket Match Intake Ports
T&D 1.55 Ratio Roller Rockers
Manley Severe Duty Intake Valves – 1.775”
Manley Severe Duty Exhaust Valves – 1.500”
Shortened Valve Guides, Pep Viton Seals
PAC Beehive Springs, RJC Bullet-Proof Head Gasket Kit

**Kirban Torque Strap , Valve Cover Breathers, RJC Biggie Oil Filter Adapter
Hypertech 160 Degree Thermostat, **TR Custom Parts Aluminum Radiator
Earl Brown Modified GM Timing Cover
**Full Throttle Speed 210/215 Revolution X Roller Cam Kit
- Comp Roller Lifters
- DLS Adjustable Cam Stop
- Chrome Moly .080 Wall Pushrods
- Austemper Comp Grind Camshaft
RJC Power Plate
Home Ported Stock Throttle Body, Home Ported Stock Intake/Plenum
Lightened and Balanced Rotating Assembly, TRW Forged Pistons, std/std crank

**Imperial Transmission Cooler
**Vigilante 9 ½ Non-L/U Billet Converter – 3400 Stall
**Neal Racing Transmissions Built Non-L/U BRF Transmission
- Extra Clutches, Sonnax Wide Band, Hardened Stator, Hardened Sun Gear,
Art Carr Hardened Forward Drum, .570 and .400 Boost Valves

The car has a clear title and registration, the car was re-vinned by the state of GA many years ago due to being a theft recovery and has salvage history which causes a mileage conflict on CarFax as a result. The car was not damaged, smashed, or parted. I have zero doubt in my mind the listed mileage is correct and you won't either after seeing it. There are two previous owners on this board who I believe would agree with me as well.

Car is tuned well enough to run on the new set-up, but pig rich and not nearly as well as it could be. However, well enough to walk a bolt-on LS1 T/A from a slow roll by about 6 cars easily . Everything is there to do it, I just haven't. You can log with the wideband and LogWorks software and adjust fuel and timing through the MAF Translator and even more so on the chip through the ScanMaster. WideBand is completely installed minus the calibration switch, something that won't take more than 30 minutes or so..but I'm not sure if I'd want to mount the switch or not so I'll let the next owner decide.

Here are pics taken today, 10/26/2009 showing the condition of the car.
Click the thumbnail for a larger version.

More pics on the following pages.


I'm asking 17.5k. However, I understand the economy and car market and am open to offers...
I'm motivated to sell it and need the money, so don't hold back if you're interested.

I'd prefer not to trade. However, I would consider cash + trade for my car...but, like I said- I need money so the more cash the better.
I'm looking to downgrade as far as a weekend car goes and would prefer something valued at 5-7k or less + cash.

I prefer e-mail to PMs as my internet is limited at the moment and e-mail is much easier for me to check often on my phone.
Last pics.

Here are five of my favorite pics of the past couple years.





Just wanted to clarify as I've had a question or two about the title. It is clear and has no issues and is NOT a salvage or rebuilt title.


Sexy MF Joe
This is MY old car! I bought this car in a package deal with a 87 GN about 5 years ago. I always wondered what happened to it. I spoke with the GA police dept before I bought this and spoke with the cop that actually recovered the car.

I always wish I kept this..it's the virtual twin to my current white limited..mine is the twin with a padded roof.

When I had the car, it had about 22k miles on it and know all of the owners since it was sold. 4 previous owners!!..I owned this car. Sold it to Mike (tta89) who then sold it to Grumpy, who then sold it to Chris Lyons.

Beautiful car!


Sexy MF Joe
Here's a picture of it in the background...Can see my 10k limited in the garage and this white one on the outside of the garage along with this GN in the front.

I bought both of the GN/T from a guy in upstate NY.

I'd be willing to share any of my info on this car.

As Nick says..this car's mileage is true. One look at it and you can see that for sure.


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I bought it from Chris and knew Grumpy had it before him but didn't know about you or Mike. Thanks for the info! Since you owned it way back when and actually talked to the police about it maybe you can give some more insight to the situation that happened with it?

It really is a great car, just time for me to move on.


Sexy MF Joe
I bought it from Chris and knew Grumpy had it before him but didn't know about you or Mike. Thanks for the info! Since you owned it way back when and actually talked to the police about it maybe you can give some more insight to the situation that happened with it?

It really is a great car, just time for me to move on.

Absolutely...I bought it in a package deal and knew about the GA "re-vin"
I wasn't overly concerned about this when I bought it because for what I got both cars for, I could have parted this one out for even more...

Once I got it home I started to call around. The officer I spoke with said it was found in a warehouse. I was more concerned with its condition when found whether it was banged up or not. He said the only thing was that the VIN was removed, no crash damage or anything. Just like it was parked there. When I owned it I crawled all over and under it and could not find any evidence of a crash or any "funny business" going on.

The car has approx. 10k more miles on it now from when I owned it, but at that time, and as it appears now, the car was in great shape. Wish I still had this twin to my car still!


Thread killer
Car was beautiful !!! I couldn't believe it when I had it up on my lift . Hope it finds a good new home :cool:


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Do you have any of the original parts to go with the car like turbo, intercooler, etc.?

The only stock stuff I have left is the radiator, cam/lifters/push rods/valves. Everything else has been sold. Also, the car currently has some knock off atr style headers on it and I have the original manifolds and crossover pipe.
Was a super nice day out today so I took it out for some cruising. Put about 100 miles on it with everything from back roads to traffic to highway driving. Car did great and performed with no issues.

Still for sale or trade, taking offers.