87 header panel


It costs money to go fast
I have this one. Make me an offer if you want it.
IMG_20140810_082152397PSIDE[1].jpg IMG_20140810_082152397PSIDE[1].jpg IMG_20140810_082217716DSIDE[1].jpg IMG_20140810_082247364lightholes[1].jpg IMG_20140810_082256706lightholes[1].jpg IMG_20140810_082303737BACK[1].jpg Header_panel_top[1].jpg


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i do want it, it looks to be in great shape, would you take 200 for it? let me know, im usually not on here as much anymore call me at 812-5286467 my name is david day, and we will figure out a deal that works for the both of us. thanks again for the response and pics of the header panel.


It costs money to go fast
I was asking $250 for the header. I'd split the difference with you at $225. Please send me your address so I can get you a shipping quote. I also sent you a text message. Looks like you have a WH1 car. I had one for 12 years and sold it this past summer. My best time was 11.27 at 118. Your car looks really good. Have a a great day!