87 Gunmetal Grey W02 w/ Blue Interior

87 Turbo T with WO2 Blackout package. Rare combo to come with the blue interior, I’ve heard of only one other example.
Asking 18,500
78k miles
42lb injectors
TT Chip
3” downpipe
2.5” Hooker Exhaust, no cat.
255 LPH fuel pump
Hotwire kit
Boost, coolant, oil gauges
Dual fans
LS1 MAF & Translator

Interior is in very nice shape, seats look brand new.
Exterior is straight, has been repainted. Hard top. There are 3 small flaws in the paint. Both rear quarter panels have a small 1” scratch and the driver side roof has a repainted area that could be redone. All very fixable.
Undercarriage is in great shape.

Only known issue is the powermaster on the fritz. 5F8D3FBE-B736-4A44-AD70-2C61C879E350.jpeg E3D27E2D-5FB0-4BC7-A445-5CA41B216747.jpeg E6B7A6F4-BCDB-460F-B133-FBF7B7EF5C52.jpeg D10B03BC-ADA1-4C3F-8D7A-59D0BAF34801.jpeg F886019C-C0B3-4219-A5C8-647023F56C9F.jpeg ED00ECC3-E95F-4DE6-B945-D1ABF49DBAB4.jpeg 303DCF5B-FC07-4DC4-8829-1B9C292E42FA.jpeg D8BBE15F-C1B6-465A-B3A1-2ECDE94EDFDA.jpeg 1CBB8443-0F43-4140-9113-E96A205AD3F6.jpeg 1924AC12-9536-4581-BA82-8825D6E6C2B5.jpeg

Car is in Nashville TN.

Feel free to call or text


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More pics 53D03B60-0637-43B2-8064-6C4FD4D50AEF.jpeg 0D277943-7FC8-4A20-A3F8-2D2D460FF223.jpeg


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Very nice Turbo T.
I'll admit, I have never seen a Grey / WO2 T with the blue interior. I would grab that one in a second for your asking price. Definitely good luck with the sale.



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Love this car. Everything but the digital dash. That's a preference issue with me, and nothing against the car. Looks amazing!!! Good luck w/ the sale.
The brake light blinks with hard brake applications. I troubleshot it and it appears to be an internal leak.

I have a replacement powermaster but haven’t had the time to swap it out.


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Did you just purchase the T back in May? Why are you selling it so fast? Did you live in Holly Springs,NC? Reason for me asking is because that’s where it was registered back in May when it was purchased ...


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Anything wrong with the T? Does it need anything besides the brake booster? In one of the pics on the passenger side roof there seems to be a dent? Is that just a bad picture angle?


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This car is back up for sale in Michigan on Craigslist for 16.5k

That's insane! I bet this car was probably a one to two owner car, until a few months / year or so ago, and now it has since changed hands more times than it has it's entire life!! That's a shame too, cause it is a very nice and rare car, and it deserves a good loving home! Crazy!!


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It's a shame, I was really liking it too. Hopefully it will get fixed up and find a good home soon.