87 Grand National in Finland


Probably the world's northernmost 87 GN?
That looks like a lot of work for 2 weeks worth of driving! Is it true that Finland only has 2 weeks of summer? Here in Michigan we have it made, we have 3 weeks of summer! Of course it takes three months for the mosquitoes to die.

You are the lucky one... 3 weeks of summer :nailbiting:


Welcome to the forum! You have came to the right place, lots of very knowledgeable members on here. Congrats on your car, it looks great. I bet it runs good in that cold air. I would betyou do have the Northern most GN. Very cool to know one is there. Peace!
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Probably the world's northernmost 87 GN?
Next job to do... :oops:



Probably the world's northernmost 87 GN?
Next week, new body bushings and all front bushings mounting. I have also boxed rear lower control arms and adjustable upper arms, made by Gee M Racing. But I will install these parts later. Before that, I'm going to race. I want to know how these parts will effect to 60 ft. time and after that...?

Almost everything is done.

RJC Power plate - Done
Powerlogger - Done - I have to buy "new" ECM, because one pin was broken (batt. 12V). Again thank's for the Gee M racing.
TT E85 Chip - Done
80# Injectors - Done
Walbro 450 fuel pump - Done
Front brake hoses - Done
Casper's electronics Hot wire kit - Done
Casper's electronics Wolt booster - Done
EGR blocking (welding) - Done
Intake manifold and valve covers powder painting - Done
Fel-Pro intake manifold gasket (MS96033) - Done
Fel-Pro valve cover gasket's (VS50156T) - Done
Type II injection - ??? Damn, no spark?
NGK UR5 spark plugs - Done
"Fine tuning" - Nope
Dyno - Nope
Painting - Nope

I'm trying to find new 255/60/15 MT ET Street Radials.

At the moment I am very happy! ;)

So, what you think? What is the estimate RWHP and final ET time?
TE44 turbo. Stock motor? The valve springs are not original? (Unfortunately, I have not received a response from TS15)...


Bye, bye EGR valve


"New" intake manifold and valve covers.


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Probably the world's northernmost 87 GN?
In my opinion, you are going to have a very fast machine. When should I send you my 87T so you can fix it up like your GN?

OK, no problem! But you have to prepare for a long delivery time. There are a few mails between us.


Probably the world's northernmost 87 GN?
Some updates.

Body bushings - Done (lot of work, rusted bolts + welding)
Front control arm's bushings - Problems, they doesn't fit? I have to order new upper control arm's. http://southsidemachineperformance.com/products/ssm-stage-1-plus-performance-upper-control-arm-kit
Will be here in Finland on next week.

I wonder to update my TE44 turbo. So prof's what is yours recommendation?
At the moment I think BorkWarner is the manufacturer... + Martelius (Gee M Racing) exhaust manifold.

About week ago we have here in Northern Finland season 2017 Drag days openings. The summer is about a month late as the picture can see. But, it's doesn't matter, we all know "Our cars like cold air". Hopefully, my car is ready about two weeks, so I can "Clean the table" ;)

Have a nice weekend all the folk's (y)