87 Gn

Russ Merritt

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JD, what's up buddie!!!

Yea, I wanna get my race car going again........That's the next project!!

This thing runs great so far.....I'll be sad to see her go..... Gonna keep the tune up around 20# for now and break the motor in good. Change the oil, give everything a once over and head to the dyno for some real tuning maybe next week. Pump gas and alky........Yeah duude!! :cool:


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Pump Gas And Alky The Only Way To Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk Nto You Soon!!!!!
Thanks Jd :d :d :d
Yo Russ
Man tell me it ain't so, but when you get your race car together it should be awesome.
Still over in Kosovo/Macedonia but I will try to let you know when I am getting back so you can ship that BB70.
Thanks Dude.
:D :D