'87 GN stock stereo issue

I bought a '87 GN this past May that had a after market security system. The stereo never worked with or without the security system. ( I removed the security system not long after I bought the car) The only functions I can get to work are power on/off, switching to AM and FM, the am/fm stations and I have the clock. The ONLY way I can get those to display is with the key turned back toward me. The only speaker I hear anything out of is the drivers side front (static only) I can get cassette tapes to play....again just the front speaker works. The power antenna does not go up or down (I need to have that repaired one day) but when I tap the stereo on/off button I can hear a "click" on the passenger side, I guess that is power going to the antenna.
I hope this gives enough information, if more is needed please contact me. I appreciate any help!! Thanks in advance!!


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Step one get a wiring skematic and inspect and start chasing wires .
Step 2 remove radio
Step 3 with a vom test and verify power feeds to radio and grounds.
4. Try another radio.
5. Test speakers with known good source

My guess is you may have a rat's nest of wiring behind the dash and radio. You could also have dead speakers or dead channel in the radio. Not having power with key on suggests power feed has been messed with or changed. Check fuses too . I've seen all of the above on 31 year old cars. Speakers do crap out and stereo head units do too.


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Excellent suggestion but I would confirm proper power and ground feed first and test speakers before condeming head unit but I'm sure cassette deck is inoperative and have an aux input jack added too for I tunes so sending it in for a refresh would be a wise move either way.