87 GN Roller for sale

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D Mitchell

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For Sale 1987 Grand National T-Top Rolling chassis. Body is straight but will need painting and bumper fillers in front and rear. Has 17 in Centerline wheels and 8.5 posi rear end. Everything is included in this price minus the engine and tranny. Wire harness, computer, accessories, down pipe and exhaust. Car is in Florida. Asking $2900.

The engine has mildly ported cast iron heads Comp cams 206/206 hydraulic roller and T&D shaft rockers and has approximately 10k miles since rebuild. $1800


this is the perfect car for me, Pull my engine drop it in and do something different with my car.
Good luck with the sale
the car looks good for the money, wish i had the $$$$$.


scratch that i see the pictures. My # is 423-457-6991 i would like to pick up the gn this weekend if thats good for you? Please let me know what time is good for you. If its still for sale i'll pick it up this weekend! CASH MONEY$$$$$$ Does it still have the transmission? Just give me a call or E-MAIL so we can iron out the details! thanks L. Gentry
What condition are the/any rot /rust
1-floors ?
4-1/4 panels
6-around the T-Tops?
8-Rear glass?
9-Lower out side/inside of the doors?

Any mold or mildew on the interior including the trunk?
i was hoping this sold and that i never saw this add again, the wife is going to kill me:eek: