87 GN parts for sale


What's up everyone, been quite sometime since I've last posted here... I sold my GN back in 2017 for dirt cheap due to family emergency that happened. Anyway been trying to clean up the house and have a bunch of parts that I have no use for anymore... and I don't see myself being able to own another GN in the future (loved owning the previous 3 tho!).

- PTC 10.5" L/U converter specd by Dusty Bradford for street use and one size up turbo i.e. 60-1, TE-44, 5857 etc, I believe it was for 2600-2800 stall.. Brand new never taken out of the box
- Drum to drum locking G80 8.5" rear end, purchased locally because my pervious car didn't have posi just never got around to installing.
- T/A performance aluminum cover with bearing cap support screws for above rear.
- Set of 4 stock 87 wheels and tires, black paint on windows are faded but chrome is in pretty good condition... came off my car when it had about 35k miles and stored.
- Stock 87 intercooler.
- Stock 87 plenum.

I didn't put prices because I honestly have been out for so long idk if there's any interest in these. If there is then I can snap some pics and we can talk price at that time.

Thanks everyone, still miss my old car to this day and wish I didn't have get rid of it.


I'm interested in that ptc.im in Colorado are you willing to ship?
Yeah of course. I really can’t remember how much I paid to ship it here but I can def get a quote for you. And I’ll try and get some pics for you, it’s literally brand new and was stored indoors since receiving.