87 GN in Mass., 100k, upgrades - $10500 OBO


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Hey All.

Havn't been on the forums in a while, so excuse me if this seems crazy or wrong or whatever, but a while back I tested the waters on selling this car and never really committed since I just didn't want to get rid of it. ;)

I need to get a new, more practical car and don't have time for this great car. It's practically a 1-owner, my stepfather bought the car brand new in 1987 and gave it to me. In 2003 it was repainted, and over the years as things have broken I replaced them often times with upgrades. The car is sitting in 16" TT II's, polished aluminum. Unfortunately, being a Mass-native, the car has developed some light rusting around the trunk lid and lower panels/doors. Besides that, this car runs very strong and has been an excellent car for me. The car has just over 100k on the clock, 101620 I believe to be exact. It's never been in a (serious) accident, just one fender bender which we had to rebend about 1 foot of the front bumper. It needs someone that can spend a bit more time with it than I can, but here's some more info about the mods and fixes:

Mods: Adj Wastegate, 42.5lb/hr injectors, duttweiller neck, solid MAF pipe, K&N Filter, Adj. FPR, LT1 Valve Springs, Walbro 340 hotwired, 160* stat, 3" Downpipe, cat-less, Hooker 2.5" exhaust

Replaced parts due to wear: Steering wheel, headliner, gas tank, new battery, Panasonic CD-player, Infinity speakers

E-mail me at jperro87@gmail if you're interested or if you'd like to see some more pics. The pics are a bit large, so I'm only posting a couple here.


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Hey just want to post this for anyone considering this car....
SpoolinupGN is a stand up guy, and a man of his word !

I say this becuase I purchased his scanmaster and it appears to be lost in the mail.. Its been 5 weeks. I asked for my money back and he paypal'd me back that day... I feel confident he is a upstanding guy and a credit to the buick boys.

Thanks SpoolinupGN !!!