'87 Buick Regal Limited, Bernadette......


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Sep 14, 2021
I saved her a couple years ago from being cutup/ rapped. She has a 231 V6 non computer carb, missing ecm and some other parts.
I was going to swap the computer controlled distributor to a vacuum advance distributor since it' has a non computer carb. She
was running a little ruff, but I gave her a tune up and reset the timing. Ever once while she starts to run ruff and then goes away. She's got some pep/ get up and go. I notice that if you apply the brakes to hard, she want's to stall. Feels as if the carb is losing vacuum only when that happens. I was wondering is there a constance vacuum on the manifold to feed the brake booster ? I'm not looking to change engines or ls swap. This is time I haven't cutup or ripped apart a car, I'm enjoying this little V6 and looking to have fun !


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