86 T-Type roller


Sociopathic TR Ownership
The car was a project, I have nearly $10,000.00 invested in the body alone. Due to my job, being in the military I cannot drag the car over seas. The car has a clear titile and 140k on the chassis. There are small dings on the body and a dent on the passenger rear fender. The car will need some bodywork and paint. I have put 2 years into this project, it just needs TLC.....

The cloth interior has been 95% restored to the factory dark blue interior. I have the complete reproduction upolstry minus the rear pack tray. The dash has been replaced, center console, door panels, carpet, headliner, visors, front and rear seats/ I have the seat covers have not put them on yet. I have everything forward of the front seats installed, everything else I have onhand but have not installed yet. Add ons; new dual console w/VDO water temp/oil pressure guages + senders, new triple guage pillar w/ caspers knock guage/VDO 30 lb boost guage, wired sender for EGT w/o guage. Stainless dash, console (embossed "buick motorsport"), door, and instrument cluster overlay. Black grant racing steering wheel.I have also replaced the belt seals on both doors. I installed GM door seal on the drivers side/ I have the passengers side but have not installed it. I have new window seals for both sides, I have also replaced the power window motors and door speakers.

RJC Racing FMIC, w/Plumbing, PTS Aluminum radiator, Dual Fan W/ Harness, Walbro 340 Fuel pump, hotwire kit, energy suspension polypro body bushings complete, variable rate rear springs, Edelbroc IAS classic rear shocks, Metco billet adjustable UCA/LCA, ATR rear swaybar, rebuilt GM posi-trac, new rear lines, shoes, drums, and brake cylinders. I have all the hardware for the front brakes also, but it is not installed yet. the powermaster was rebuilt and I have a linelock for the set up. Fiberglass front and rear bumpers w/glass inserts and aluminum brackets. I put a modded Kenne Belle airdam on the front that I chopped to fit the FMIC. All the stuff listed above was purchased new and put on the car, the car has never run, so your getting new stuff. The A/C has been removed but I have not taken out the heater box yet. I will also throw in a set of M/T drag slicks 50%tread w/skinnies for the front. The car sits on AR-23's, I do not have the original rims. I'm sure I have forgot some things, but that is the main stuff. The pics for the interior are too large to upload, I can email those upon request. I do not know what to ask, but will entertain all reasonable offers. I will not sell to anyone planning on parting the car out....:cool:


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Sociopathic TR Ownership
I got an assignment going to Korea, I cannot leave it, cannot bring it. I dunno what to do, gotta get rid of it...